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DIY Acrylic Galaxy Pots

DIY Acrylic Galaxy Pots

Step one: Start by painting the entire pot black with a large flat brush.


Step two: The black paint does not need to be completely dry for the next step, grab a mini sponge and dip one side into both white, and purple paint.


Step three: Dab the sponge onto the pot creating a “cloud” like effect, repeat with white and another colour, blue was chosen for this one.


Step four: After using the sponge technique to dab your paint around the pot, you can use your brush to add in any extra colour. This pot has a bit of extra purple.


Step five: Now grab your glitter, choose any colour you like. This pot has pink and light blue glitter.


Step six: Where you placed your extra paint, you will take the glitter and sprinkle or tap lightly onto the spots where the added paint was, this creates your star effect.


Step seven: Once you have added all the glitter, its recommended you let it dry for a few hours.


Step eight: After drying, it’s now time to seal the glitter! Use mod-podge to do this. Using a thin brush gently paint on the mod-podge to glue in all your glitter and paint. Leave to dry for an hour.

Step nine: Add in your Plant Revolution plant and display your new decor!